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Shin Min Ah Beauty Transformation – Natural Beauty or Plastic Surgery?
September 19th, 2010 by Anna

Shin Min Ah, currently starring opposite Lee Seung Gi in the hit SBS TV Drama ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho’ (My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox) has been unanimously praised by fans both here in Korea and abroad for her remarkable natural beauty appeal. But a few Korean netizens have been claiming otherwise when they posted a few of Shin Min Ah’s old pictures a few days ago. According to these netizens, some of these photos (taken in her teens) showed significant differences in Shin Min Ah’s facial profile compared to her more recent pictures suggesting that the ‘Gumiho Star’ have gone ‘under the knife’ (plastic surgery) in the past. They pointed out that most of her ‘beauty enhancements’ have been performed in her ‘eyes’, particularly the upper and lower ‘eyelids’ making her more prominent Korean features look less noticeable accenting her beauty.

Does Shin Min Ah’s ‘natural beauty’, just like some of the Korean artists today, a work of modern science? Or does this ‘Shin Min Ah is a plastic surgery beauty’ argument just a black propaganda, started by envious Korean netizens, created to maliciously defame the exalted Korean star. Tell me what you think by posting in the comments below.


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  • Carmen writes:
    June 12th, 20125:13 amat

    No. I don’t think that shin min ah had undergone surgery. she’s a lady now and that explains everything. she is a talented beautiful actress and most of all she has dimples that makes her beauty unique.

  • Jennifer writes:
    March 26th, 20124:57 pmat

    I admit, the first photo doesn’t look much like her. However the middle and high school photos are clearly Shin Min Ah. Sure, she doesn’t look as “stunning” in them but you have to admit that one look and you know that’s her. So unless she already had plastic surgery back in middle school, I don’t believe she went under the knife. If she really did at some point, the alteration was very minor. I agree that many people change as they grow older. Hello, most of us go through the “awkward years”, remember? While it is certainly true that some people look exactly the same from childhood to adulthood (their faces NEVER change. they just get taller), many people undergo significant NATURAL transformations. Some “not so cute” and plain looking kids grow to be very attractive, while some adorable kids grow to be not so attractive adults. Admit it. You know it’s true.

    In any case, as an actress, she obviously takes better care of her appearance. Even if she didn’t make conscious effort, her agency would. You also tend to care more about your skin and appearance in your twenties as opposed to your elementary school years. So of course she looks more “glowing”and,again, “stunning”,as an actress. Also bear in mind that ALL of us have some bad/awkward photos, photos that don’t do us any justice. Can’t look photogenic 100% of the time now can we?

    In all honesty, I’ve realized I really can’t judge people all that much for minor plastic surgeries. I’m positive almost all Korean celebrities have adjusted their teeth to make them straight and white. Guess what, so did I. So did millions of others, especially people in the U.S. True, it’s for dental health purposes, but you really can’t deny for a second that achieving a more beautiful smile is not a motive/goal. Why do so many of us get braces? To obtain more attractive-looking teeth. Period. So if I’m to point fingers at others for plastic surgery, then I must point to myself as well. I’m also guilty of the “crime”.

  • Anna writes:
    January 22nd, 20124:37 pmat

    After almost two years had passed since I posted this topic, I still cannot decide for myself if Shin Min Ah really had undergone plastic surgery in the past.

    She is such a stunner when you see her now on TV, but her past pictures, to be honest, aren’t really star quality material.

    How ’bout this other Korean stars?

    Do you think they are all members of the ‘Plastic Surgery Club of Korea’?

    Han Hyo Joo –

    Lee Min Jung –

    Suzy of Miss A –

    IU –

  • jhylle writes:
    December 19th, 20119:29 amat

    shin min ah is not a product of surgery .. just look her face very carefully..
    people changes as they grow up ..
    but look shin min ah ‘s middles school photos .. i think there’s no difference .. when youre growing up..,, every part of your body changes .. her eyes are not grew bigger .. i think its natural for every of us to change .. when i was young .. ihave rossy chicks and my lips are little .. my eyes are cute and small.. but now ,, my eyes grew little bigger my lips are little thick and my cheek are not rossy now..
    but i hadnt done a plastic surgery becoz im too young .. then i prove everybody that as you grow up.. lot of things change…
    love shin min ah…

  • photographe de mode writes:
    December 13th, 20117:53 pmat

    photographe de mode…

    [...]Shin Min Ah Beauty Transformation – Natural Beauty or Plastic Surgery? | PiNaY in KoReA[...]…

  • april g. writes:
    November 12th, 20112:47 pmat

    i love the way shin min ah looks like but watever is your comment about being unnatural beauty doesnt really matters anymore, all i know is that she’s the most beautiful actress i’ve seen.

  • jovy writes:
    November 8th, 20114:26 pmat

    i think shin mi ah have gone surgery,,,

  • demi lee writes:
    September 22nd, 20114:27 pmat

    people change and you know it :) )

  • Ben writes:
    September 20th, 20112:15 amat

    the most important thing is she looks happy and beautiful now.

  • nymy writes:
    September 17th, 20114:25 pmat

    Hey people check out this photo ignore the up unknown photo(imo). Her supernatural beauty is not spurious. ANY DOUBT!!!!

  • arina writes:
    September 6th, 20112:19 pmat

    I like her face..especially her dimples…and i like her as an actress..about the plastic surgery…i think some of the celebrities hv to do it for survival..if they want to succeed..who r we to judge…

  • Zia writes:
    August 24th, 20111:26 amat

    Based on personal experience, my face drastically grew away from what I used to look like when I was a kid. There is just so much difference that nobody would believe that I looked the same as the picture when I was young. So to answer your question, no. Shin Min-ah’s face just changed overtime. As a teenager, we do things to enhance what we have to make it better and in her case, her features grew more feminine as the time passed by.

  • mdjonah writes:
    August 7th, 20116:57 pmat

    Well, first of all, all three pictures depict the same person. You can easily tell by the very distinct shape of the ears and the face proportions (distance of eyes to nose to mouth). The upper foto looks like a contemporary Shin Min-a, the lowest one like one from her early-mid 20s, probably around the “Madeleine” shooting.

    However, it is rather difficult to tell if plastic surgery has been applied in between, judging only on those three photos. It seems very likely that she got her teeth corrected.

    If she underwent plastic surgery, well, congratulations, the surgeons did a really, really, really good job. Her face looks natural and very vivid, and there are no recognizable artifacts around her eyes even when she uses her eye smile. Hack, if that was plastic surgery, I’m definitely jealous on the “artists” who did this. And I am sure even God is …

  • dby writes:
    August 5th, 20119:27 pmat

    However u, natural beauty or plastic surgery…
    i still like u, shin min ah…
    ur expressions, ur smile, ur style…
    argghh…i’ can crazy cos of you…

    July 22nd, 20111:10 pmat

    i like shin min ah so much !!, a very big fan of her ,

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